Sometimes insulting rather than disgusting or humorous.
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Wall-E type bots to dispose of the annoying... 1 Ṃᴆ 21 hours, 31 minutes ago
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Qualified "black female" Ketanji Brown Jackson... 5 Trudy Canoza 4 days, 16 hours ago
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One of the more entertaining SJW liberal POS... 1 Ṃᴆ 1 week, 1 day ago
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Never a good meat hook laying around when you... 1 Ṃᴆ 1 week, 1 day ago
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How do you get a Jewish girl's number? 1 Smirking Asshole 1 week, 1 day ago
What's the difference between a Jew and a pizza? 1 Smirking Asshole 1 week, 1 day ago
Some types of mothers should be legislated to... 1 Ṃᴆ 1 week, 1 day ago
Uncle Chet inadvertently proves that tire... 1 Ṃᴆ 1 week, 1 day ago
GUESS THE COLOR; _____ man cheats on wife with... 1 Ṃᴆ 1 week, 1 day ago
Current jargon explained for the masses 1 Douglas D. Anderson 1 week, 6 days ago
LMMFAO! These idiots wouldn't have had to run... 1 Ṃᴆ 3 weeks ago
Gotta hankering to be a serial killer? Go... 1 Ṃᴆ 3 weeks ago
Not such a bad thing, assuming the mugging... 1 Ṃᴆ 3 weeks ago
Apparently, like there counterparts in "Planet... 1 Ṃᴆ 3 weeks ago
COUNT THE WHITES involved in this epic... 1 Ṃᴆ 3 weeks ago
Nigs are predictable enough that even a liquor... 1 Ṃᴆ 3 weeks ago
We can safely throw faggots and dykes into the... 1 Ṃᴆ 3 weeks ago
Note colors of both the "entertainer" and the... 1 Ṃᴆ 3 weeks ago
GUESS THE COLORS (plural): Dozens of _____ &... 1 Ṃᴆ 3 weeks ago
Karens more worried about fish than fetuses 1 Ṃᴆ on 3/6/22
If only this caught on in Liberal communities.. 1 Ṃᴆ on 3/6/22
Missed opportunity for a little nostalgic peak... 1 Ṃᴆ on 3/6/22
GUESS THE COLOR: _____ Maniac Runs Over... 1 Ṃᴆ on 3/6/22
POS parents too late on identifying little... 1 Ṃᴆ on 3/6/22
Idiot slant STILL more respectable than any... 1 Ṃᴆ on 3/6/22
Have you heard about the Faggot Patch Dolls? 1 Smirking Asshole on 27/5/22
Lesson of the day: Don't try to save falling BMWs 1 Ṃᴆ on 26/5/22
There's a reason it's called _white_ supremacy.. 1 Ṃᴆ on 26/5/22
Unjust officer firing considering perp color.. 1 Ṃᴆ on 26/5/22
When visiting a California 7-11, prolly a good... 1 Ṃᴆ on 26/5/22
Truly unavoidable -- Drunk Driver Speeding In... 1 Ṃᴆ on 26/5/22
Great ass shot of... 1 Ṃᴆ on 26/5/22
Thanks for the blatant admission that abortion... 1 Ṃᴆ on 26/5/22
Guess the color; INSANE Brawl Inside Dublin... 1 Ṃᴆ on 26/5/22
America barely doing well enough that Mexicans... 1 Ṃᴆ on 19/5/22
Further proof of whites' inherent supremacy.. 1 Ṃᴆ on 19/5/22
Note the colors and the distinct difference in... 1 Ṃᴆ on 19/5/22
Guess the color: _____ Thug In Stolen Car... 1 Ṃᴆ on 19/5/22
Tasers found to be most effective when used... 1 Ṃᴆ on 19/5/22
Ur_Droll's sheep ramming may have been to help... 1 Ṃᴆ on 19/5/22
Girls are so cute when they're in harmless but... 1 Ṃᴆ on 14/5/22
My girlfriend so fat... 6 larry villanueva on 14/5/22
[email protected] - Sell Fullz Info USA SSN... 1 The Bunny on 10/5/22
Time to defund the Los Angeles police.. 1 Ṃᴆ on 6/5/22
Guess the color; ONLY a _____ bodybuilder... 1 Ṃᴆ on 6/5/22
13 Year Old Is Gangraped In India, Goes To... 1 Ṃᴆ on 6/5/22
Fuckin'pigs shoulda known to check the... 1 Ṃᴆ on 6/5/22
Always nice to see a Jehovah's Witness... 1 Ṃᴆ on 4/5/22
Refreshing to see obviously drugged woman... 1 Ṃᴆ on 4/5/22
Take notes.. black teacher succinctly lays out... 1 Ṃᴆ on 4/5/22
Great to see the Chinese throwing shit on each... 1 Ṃᴆ on 3/5/22
Damn good thing they were black.. 1 Ṃᴆ on 3/5/22
WhatsApp: ((( +44 7737754805 ))) BUY BEST... 1 carlos dosantos on 3/5/22
Guess the colors: _____ School Bus Driver... 1 Ṃᴆ on 1/5/22
How many whites can you spot in this Vegas... 1 Ṃᴆ on 1/5/22
Where's her Presidential Medal of Freedom and... 1 Ṃᴆ on 1/5/22
Assuming it's a black school, these kids ain't... 1 Ṃᴆ on 1/5/22
Musk denies Demoncrap libtwits a controlled... 1 Ṃᴆ on 27/4/22
Consequence according to color of "victim" 1 Ṃᴆ on 27/4/22
"Zero" is a little strong.. 1 Ṃᴆ on 27/4/22
WT?! ..FUCK Asia.. every damn last country in it 1 Ṃᴆ on 27/4/22
a little Bactine antiseptic might help.. 1 Ṃᴆ on 27/4/22
KNEW "The Shining" had the wrong colored psycho.. 1 Ṃᴆ on 27/4/22
Buy Real or Fake Passports,Visas,Driver's... 1 crystalfips on 26/4/22
Normally nice to the environment, a natural... 1 Ṃᴆ on 26/4/22
great, but.. take their damn backpack, too 1 Ṃᴆ on 26/4/22
must be an ATJer.. 1 Ṃᴆ on 26/4/22
This is actually kind of arousing.. 1 Ṃᴆ on 26/4/22
Why we should mandate that men who pass... 1 Ṃᴆ on 22/4/22
When speech should stop being 'free'.. 1 Ṃᴆ on 22/4/22
Kamala Harris' chief of rats Tina Flournoy... 1 buh buh biden on 22/4/22
Wilkinsburg, Pitt cop knocks black HR Pufnstuf... 1 Ṃᴆ on 18/4/22
I KNEW pit bulls were useful for something.. 1 Ṃᴆ on 18/4/22
Stunned officer suddenly realizes the cost of... 1 Ṃᴆ on 18/4/22
Guess the colors; _____ Hero School Teacher... 1 Ṃᴆ on 18/4/22
Just over a quarter of a million residents in... 1 Ṃᴆ on 17/4/22
Why niggers shouldn't be employees OR... 1 Ṃᴆ on 17/4/22
Guess the color; Police Chase Where Suspect... 1 Ṃᴆ on 17/4/22
Guess the color: _____ Family Dollar Workers... 1 Ṃᴆ on 17/4/22
How many whites can you spot? AirBNB owners... 1 Ṃᴆ on 17/4/22
What young Julius said to his bro's the day... 1 Douglas D. Anderson on 17/4/22