Requesting removal or blocking of Content.

Many visitors DO NOT UNDERSTAND USENET. They see a post on and assume it's our responsibility.
Every group has a moderator somewhere or some such owner, administrators, who run their own systems and servers.
We have no control over their systems, we can only post to their system or retrieve responses.

Before you come banging with your lawyers and police threats, understand this.
Your best and first approach is to make a post in the group where said offending post was made and as you can see on Provide the link to the post in your message as proof of this post.'s purpose IS TO PROVIDE YOU THIS SERVICE SO YOU CAN HELP YOURSELF
Most moderators and administrators are very nice people who come from highly educated and professional background.
They will listen to reason.
They will remove the post if it's justified and will inform you as well as take care of the spammer/offender by blocking access or reporting to the ISP so they can stop this person.
Once the post is removed by the moderator from their system you should give it a week or two so the change can be reflected across ALL KNOWN NETWORKS.
Check on again, if the post is still here but has been removed by moderator and on other sites - THEN EMAIL US.

Because of few trouble makers and people who refuse to read the guidelines you are in fact negatively impacting the good community and affecting FREE PROVIDERS LIKE US who do not make PROFIT out of this SERVICE.
Most of the people who come to us are scammers whose tactics were exposed in some group by a bunch of Samaritan members. They usually do not read any of this so we know if you are genuine person.

IF YOU STILL SEND US AN EMAIL: WE WILL POST IT TO THE RELEVANT GROUP/FORUM/TOPIC FOR YOU SO THE MODERATORS/SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS CAN HANDLE IT. does not store content. It only acts as a software to access usenet posts and mailing lists open to public.
If you decide you would like to have a post removed on our site sending us legal threats and abuse reports won't get it done.
There is no reason for us to make any changes to the Usenet. We are not the authority over usenet providers as much as we'd like to say we are.
You can however request us to block a post (a post only not the whole thread) which looks something like
We can block the post from being accessed on our site. Maybe you made a major screw up in your post but we are not responsible for that.
You might feel a particular post speaks to you personally and you need to remove it. Fine.
While we can't remove the content from other people's usenet server we can certainly block it on our site.

Personally request blocking of a post by paying for the work that needs to be done by us on our site.
Current charge is 25 USD per URL.
All Grepler domains are considered one. There is no additional charge for removing on all our domain names.
One URL removal is same for all domain names under grepler.***
The URL must be a post (a post only not the whole thread) which looks something like
We only block the content of the specified URL on OUR WEBSITES and maybe notify the visitors. We do not remove from search engines. Any good search engine should notice the content gone and remove it themselves. For removal from search engines please approach the search engine provides.

Send us an email to administrator AT grepler DOT com with the list of URLs and we will get back to you on the next steps.
We only accept payment via Paypal.
We may decide to forgo any charges if your claim is genuine for example, if it puts you or your loved ones in harm's way. We have a commitment to freedom of Usenet however protecting a life is a humanitarian thing to do .

If you feel you need a legal recourse. By all means go ahead. We have received several legal threats till date and most of them are baseless. Our TOS is clear on posters liabilities and only to posters who use our site.
We will in fact be releasing them to the relevant posts as responses as that is all we can do.
We are still here. Work with us or not that is your decision.

Thank you!