Premium Access

While tries its best to provide most of the features and services free of cost there are many features of the groups that cannot be provided "completely" free of charge.
We propose you upgrade to EasyNews Pro Membership
This helps you because:

  • The interface is far superior and fully developed for File Sharing.
  • Additional 60,000 groups not available in grepler which are all mostly FILE UPLOADS/DOWNLOADS. Not links, these are Direct High Speed Downloads
  • High speed, multi connection download speed that will max out any broadband you may have.
  • Access to file ever posted for the past 3 years.
  • Ability to share files of unlimited size for example HD quality videos (16GB++)
  • Access to Encypted files - No garbled messages or missing videos as it happens on Grepler.

The above features are not part of objectives are to support Text and picture based message boards/forums through community, spam control and ease of access.

is a fully established provider in operation for several years and provide this same service with or without browsers under different brand names.
Easynews has a good plan starting at about 9$ a month.
However we recommend you make use of the Free 14 day trial (plus option to convert to paid at promotional price of $9.98 / month)
to test out their service before you decide anything.

If you are ok with sharing your files publicly or feel safe with password protected zipped files then service like EasyNews is unbeatable.

DropBox Pro100GB19.99 US$
RapidshareUnlimited13.99 US$ (9.99 EUR)
EasynewsUnlimited9.98 US$
* Note that Easynews like other Usenet providers have no Service lock in. Any files you upload can be accessed by any service providers as well so you have a choice to move without reuploading your files.
* Your friends can choose their own provider. There are some slower but free providers available as well *
* Public files cannot be searched on most file hosting services, Easynews provides a web interface to search all files. Third party options are also available *
* File retention for Easynews is 1000+ Days regardless of whether you have an account with them for the entire time *

Thank you for your time and for supporting