Usenet or Newsgroups is one of the most fair, largest and oldest information network on Earth.

Usenet is many things to many people.
One thing it is without doubt, it is freedom of speech, expression and thought.
It is not owned or operated by any one organization, government or private corporation.
It is truly uncensored and whatever is posted on Newsgroups is copied to systems around the world.
Millions of people connect to these systems and see your message.
On the other hand when you read articles on the usenet, they are truly unedited and original. Once posted it is extremely hard if not impossible to delete or edit the message.
It is retained as is without modification, the source is unquestionable. If you created it, no one can lay claim to it.

If tomorrow this website did not exist your messages will remain, quite possibly forever ("you could be famous" cheesy banner should be placed here)

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With great power comes great responsibility