Red Taco Shells.

From: bigwheel (bigwhe...)

Long story but there is an historic Mexican Restaurant in Wichita Falls,
TX called "Casa Manana"..owned by a family of Greek's of course and been
thriving since 1947. All the food is remarkably good..but their
signature dish is some highly savory red colored..about half soft/half
crisp tacos. Now sure the texture comes from the cooking and not the
shell ingredients..and not so much worried about the innards but would
like to know how to clone the shells. Thinking maybe a little Ancho
powder and maybe some bright paprika in the raw masa...or even tomato
sauce for some of the liquid ration but would not bet my life on it.
Notice a chat group on the net who were discussing the place in question
say they may fry in chile infused oil etc. I have done a diligent search
of the recipe bases on here and on Google with not much success in
finding something similar. Might just be a color thing but sure seems
like thay taste better than most others I have tried. Any help
appreciated. Thanks.


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