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The Three Stages of Video Game Testing (video game testing)

Video game testing is one of those careers that everyone wants to get in
on. After all, what could possible be cooler than getting paid every day
to work on a video game. However, many people don't know what is really
involved in video game testing and what they should be studying if they
want to get into the field.

The first thing that people should learn about when they start down the
path toward video game testing as a career is that there are multiple
different types of game testers out there – each of them responsible for
different parts of the game.

Alpha Testing

The first type of testing is alpha testing – the testing type that is
responsible for making sure the initial builds of the game actually
work. Alpha testing is part of video game testing in the earliest
stages, when the game is still very early on. It will be done by people
who work directly for the development studio – the men and women who are
hired and paid by the publisher or the developers. They will be required
to work in the studio and must go through the game before it is fully
operational, looking for bugs that can break the game completely.

Beta Testing

The next stage of video game testing is known as beta testing – the
phase that most people are most responsible for. Beta testing may be
done either in house or by outsourcers. In some cases, it might even be
done by people who are unpaid volunteers – such as in the case of online
games where stress tests of servers and basic technology is needed.
However, video game testers that get paid are highly involved in this
process because of how much detail is needed to determine how the game
is operating.

Quality Assurance

When the game is finally in its finished state, video game testers that
are lowest on the totem pole will be required to go through quality
assurance – the final stage of testing. This stage of testing is where
many people will get their first job, and it usually involves running
through the same level for hours or days at a time to check for very
small glitches and bugs.

For whatever job you're seeking, being a video game tester will start
with these three roles. For beginners, expect a career to begin with QA
or beta testing. From there, alpha positions or higher roles in the
company are possible.

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