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What it Takes to be a Paid Game Tester (paid game tester)

Millions of people all over the country think that they can get involved
in the video game industry each year, starting with becoming a paid
game tester. These positions – usually derived from the most basic of
the personnel that work for a developer – are designed to help the
programmers ensure there are no bugs and that every system works exactly
as originally designed. However, many people get the mistaken idea that
becoming a paid game tester is much easier than what it really is. In
reality, it can take a great deal of time and energy to get a job in
what is considered one of the most competitive fields for computer and
design oriented employees anywhere.

What Employers Are Looking For

The first thing that anyone looking for a job as a paid game tester
needs to do is to learn what the employers out there are looking for. To
start with, to stand out from the hundreds of other applicants, you'll
need to get some experience in the video game industry. Whether this
means working as a beta tester, starting your career with other people
who know what they are doing, or going to college to study the topics
Being a Beta Tester in a Nutshell (being a beta tester)

So, you've decided that the career path you want to follows is as a beta
tester for video games. It is a good way to get started in the gaming
industry and you've always wanted to use your creative skills and
technical knowhow in a way that will allow you to create things that
everyone will see and enjoy. However, there are a few things you need to
know about being a beta tester before you just jump into the career head
first. For instance, there are a number of little things that people
forget to mention that will make it extremely hard for some people to
get into the industry.

Things You'll Need

Let's start with the skillset and experience you'll need to even get
started in this industry. This is a hard one that many people who are
interested in being a beta tester forget to check out. The list includes:

Getting Experience with Game Development – This can mean a number of
things – from learning how to operate games from an analytical
standpoint by beta testing MMOs to writing your own short games with
XNA. Get experience though – it will be needed to stand out.
Education – While getting a college degree isn't required for being a
beta tester, you'll need some kind of education if you ever want to get
a job in anything other than straight testing. Options include
programming, design, and artwork among many others.
The Right Mindset – For those that are interested in being a beta
tester, a certain amount of self motivation and judgment is required.
You will need to learn what it takes to look at a game and figure out
how you can break it and what you'll learn from it when you do.

These are but three skills that many people seek out for being a beta
tester when they get started. Hiring managers will request quite a few
more from their employees and you'd better be ready to oblige because
the industry is extremely fast paced.

In the end, being a good game tester comes down to being able to think
quickly, create and solve problems, and effectively communicate what
you've found. This means that you need to know what you are doing and
have a clear path toward doing it. For those that think they can provide
these skills, be prepared to act and you'll land what you need in this
fast paced industry for being a beta tester.

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