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Sr Network Engineer
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Key competencies include detailed knowledge of IP networking,
emerging/experimental network protocols, and/or network control planes. The
candidate should also have experience in the development of large, complex,
heterogeneous, digital communications networks - especially those involving
military/tactical digital communications systems. . Please note that this is
a science and technology position and NOT an IT position; the candidate is
expected to be able to do research and development, not network
installation, management, or maintenance.
Required Skills:
A detailed understanding of IP protocols and technologies, including an
understanding of addressing, subnetting, unicast, broadcast, and multicast,
routing and QoS protocols and related technologies, network control and
management, a thorough understanding of computer and wireless networking.

In addition to these core networking skills, the candidate must:
.. Possess the ability to apply these skills to existing and new
.. Be able to communicate and write effectively
.. Be able to write experimental code for network technology research
.. Be able to work within a structured Systems Engineering process
environment including a task oriented, value based management system
.. Be able to interact with multidisciplinary teams of system design
professionals including electrical, mechanical, software and logistics
.. Be able to obtain a Secret Clearance
.. Have at least six years experience in Systems Engineering or
related experience, and at least four years in Networking, or equivalent.
.. Have the ability to work with Business Development and Program
Management to follow, assess and help win new programs
.. Be willing and able to communicate and present technical
information and materials to internal and external customers

Desired Skills:
There are several specialized skills that are necessary for the unique
research effort the candidate may be selected for. The candidate must
demonstrate experience or ability to develop competence in the following:
.. Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET) protocols and technologies
.. Wireless networking waveforms
.. Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN)
.. Voice and data gateways and bridges
Required Education (including Major): BS in Electrical or Computer
Engineering or Science, Physics, Mathematics, or a related field (MS or PhD

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