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Here's the catch, up front: There is NO catch!

To promote an upcoming release, MetaFind Software is giving away
free sample programs. The first was GasFinder, which searches 12 Gas
Price Web Sites for the lowest gas prices in your area. Today, we're
releasing JobFinder, which searches 22 Job Search Web Sites on 9
separate fields.

There are no limits, no ads, and no spyware. We just believe that
free samples are the best way to bring in potential customers, and we
hope that while visiting our site, you'll take a minute and look

GasFinder and JobFinder are only two of the hundreds of ways
MetaFind can improve your ability to find what you're looking for on
the internet. Want to know more about the limitations of today’s
Search Engines, and how MetaFind can help you overcome them? It's all
there for you to read - and you may be just a bit surprised at what
you learn.

Either way, GasFinder and JobFinder are yours to keep with no
strings attached. Enjoy, and Happy Finding!

MetaFind Software

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