99% Failure Rate For Amway Salespeople

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The Amway scam crushes the dreams and opportunities of millions. Year
after year they give the false impression that you will become wealthy
by selling Amway. Founded in 1959 and after 50+ years it is clear that
very few find wealth in Amway. In my opinion it is time for people to
wake up and stop supporting this clear product-based pyramid scheme.

The California Vitamin Company/Nutrilite created one of the first MLM
schemes and is owned by Amway -Source Wikipedia

The Failure Rate for Amway IBOs is 99%. -Source Study of Ten Major
MLM’s and Amway/Quixtar

This is an incredible failure rate when you compare it to individuals
starting their own businesses.

Only 36% of businesses fail after two years on average.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the survival rate for
a normal business is 54-61% after 4 years.

If you choose the lowest paying job in the United States, you can
expect to make a yearly income for part time work of $7,540. (Amount
reached by multiplying the federal minimum wage of $7.25 by 20 hours
for 52 weeks)

Herbalife Is A Scam?

Here is an example of how the Amway scam is presented to people.

Amway Scam Presentation Video Amway Scam Facts

There are 3 Million Amway IBOs -Source Amway.com

46% of Amway IBOs Are Active. I hope you understand how bad a business
opportunity Amway is when only 46% of the 3 million people that were
sold this business opportunity are even willing to try and make sales.

For the 46% of IBOs that do remain active, they can expect on average
to make $2,424 per year -Source Amway Business Reference Guide

Typical expenses for being an Amway IBO are over $300 per month. This
is far less then the average monthly income of $202. -Source Facts
About Amway

Top Amway performers make most of their income from books, tapes, and
appearances. -Source NBC Dateline report

It’s important to get a complete picture of how the plan works: not
just how much money distributors make, but also how much time and
money they spend on the plan, how long it takes before they’re earning
money, and how big a downline is needed to make money. One sign of a
pyramid scheme is if distributors sell more product to other
distributors than to the public — or if they make more money from
recruiting than they do from selling. -Source Federal Trade Commission
on Multi-Level Marketing


A common MLM lie is that MLM is creating more Millionaires than any
other business. This is a lie. The largest percentage of millionaires
are Managers and Educators. -Source Millionaire Corner

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