Freebies for mainframe users (

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Freebies for mainframe users (;

Hello Users,

This mail is intended for mainframe professionals in this group. If you think it may be useful for your friends/colleagues please forward the same.

I have hosted a website for mainframe users. The website "" is free online ibmmainframe training site for COBOL programmers. The site provides free mainframe tools, tutorials etc. Please find below the newsletter for this website.

Welcome to MAINFRAMEWIZARD.COM Newsletter

Important Links on Website Key features on the website Free Tool Abend Tracker

 Basics
 Video Tutorials
 Automation
 Manuals
 Interview Ques
 Sort Tips
 Clist Rexx
 Mvs Tips
 Cobol Examples
 Jcl Tips
 Db2 Tips
 Using Mainframe on your laptop
 Free mainframe Tools
 mainframe jobs india

 Mainframewizard on youtube – The site has a video channel on youtube which contains some exclusive video tutorials.

 Google Friend Connect – You can connect to Google connect on the site by using the “Join This site” option with your google, twitter or yahoo etc. This will help you stay connected with other mainframe professionals on the site. You can also invite your friends on google , orkut to join this site by using the “Invite Friends” options.

 Job Postings for mainframe professionals in India

 Some other Free mainframe tools in the market

 You can get your articles published on the website. Click here for details.

 If you like the website and want to link to it. Please check this page for details.

 You can use facebook, twitter, linkedin widgets on the website to recommend pages on to your friends/colleagues.
 Login to the site using your user id and password or register for a new account if you do not have a user id and password.

 Once you login to the website, you can go to page and you will be able to view the attachment (

 Download the file

 Extract the zip file to any folder on your computer.

 Double click on the Abendtracker.exe file and start using the tool.

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