How to save the US economy...

From: Kittyhawk (oceant...)

Those of you who want to restore the US economy and to bring back the quality of life once enjoyed in America, there's a simple way: STOP BUYING PRODUCTS MADE IN CHINA. Look at the label before you buy to see where the product was made in. If it's made in China, ask yourself the question: "do I want it or do I need it?"

After all, there's a great chance that you would be wasting your time buying that made-in-China junk any way. The Chinese are good at copying things and make them look like the real thing but there is no quality underneath that thin cosmetic skin. You may end up throwing away those made-in-China items within the first few months or weeks any way.

Another isssue is when you buy made-in-China products, you are actually empowering the tyrannic communist government in China to become more aggressive in its global domination, politically, economically, and militarily. In other words, the communist doctrine that's beloved by Mao would be imposed on the free world once these communists reach its critical mass of global power.

It's time now to deny these communist Chinese from crushing the free world. Today there millions Chinese spying virtually at every corner of the world.. They have one common objective: to make Mao's dream a reality. That means our lives will become what's known today as life in North Korea.

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