Joe Biden continues to lose notes, mind

From: Joe Harris (trump-...)

Only 16 days to the first presidential debate, and Dementia Joe
Biden is resting up this weekend after a hard week of hitting
the road, Jack.

Only one problem for Joe: Whenever he ventures outside his
basement, he often loses stuff — his mind, his train of thought
or at least his notes.

All dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“I carry with me — I don’t have it. I gave it, I gave it to my
staff. I carry it with me in my pocket a — do I have that around
anyone? Where’s my staff? I gave it away anyway …”

He must have found something, because soon he began reading — or
trying to read — some statistics. Numbers are not Dementia Joe’s
forte, to put it mildly.

This day, he kept repeating the word “military.” But the actual
virus numbers were for Michigan, the state he was in, in
addition to his perpetual state of confusion.

Perhaps his handlers wrote “MI,” assuming that even someone as
simple as Joe Biden could put two and two together. If so, they
were misinformed.

“U.S. COVID-infected military uh excuse me U.S. COVID-infected
in America, six thousand 344,700 U.S. COVID deaths one thousand
189,506. Military COVID-infected 118,984. Military COVID deaths

Actually, Mr. Vice President, the military’s death toll is
exactly seven. The fatalities in Michigan, where you were
babbling, is actually closer to that six-thousand figure.

Way off, but this is a guy who’s earlier pegged the number of
deaths in the panic as 120 million (at the time it was 120,000).

He has also claimed that 150,000,000 Americans have been killed
by firearms since 2007, but let’s move on to his proposals for
tax rates.

“If you change the tax rate it went from 38 percent to 21. If
you just send it back to 20 uh — 38%, um, if you — 36% to 28,
that’s what we started trying to do.”

When Slow Joe is up there on that debate stage in Cleveland, it
will be must-see TV, if only to hear his positions on assorted
issues at that particular moment.

Remember: Biden was against fracking before he was for fracking.
He was for mandatory masks before he was against mandatory
masks. He was for defunding the police before he was against
defunding the police. He was against the Chinese travel ban
before he was for it.

Even in his addled state, though, Joe remains sentient enough to
understand what they’re saying about him — that he’s losing his
mind, that he can’t even answer questions without a Teleprompter.

“I mean, this idea of you know, Slow Joe … .” (Chuckles a little
too long and too loudly.) “I — anyway I I shouldn’t about it
because uh anyway … .”

That should put the rumors to rest, Mr. Vice President.

It was quite a week for Joe out there in the battleground
states. He talked about the rising price of “prescription jugs”
(did he mean drugs?).

Citing one of this week’s alt-left talking points, Biden claimed
President Trump was aware of the problem with the virus.

“He knew and purfusly played it down.”

Let’s go straight to the audiotape for a few more of Joe’s bold
policy prescriptions during his brief foray outside the basement
this week:

“Bottom line, Mr. President: do your job. Get off your galk
course and out of the sand bunker.”

“And the jobs of hundreds of thousands of American workers, the
lifebud of communities all across the Midwest — if you reshore
jobs that have been pres – that have presently previously been
sent overseas.”

“When I was senator and vice president there were plenty of
econot economists that I had around me.”

“We have to keep the House of Representatives and the United
States Senate.” (Actually, the GOP controls the Senate.)

“If I were president that’s what I’d do and I’d get it done like
previous precedents presidents.”

Practically none of this Biden babbling ever makes the network
newscasts, because the “reporters” are all Democrat
stenographers with press passes. The campaign seems to permit no
questions except from those card-carrying comrades reliably in
the satchel.

Before “taking questions” from the fellow travelers, Joe either
gets a list of the common nightwalkers, or his aides call on the
Pravda press to regurgitate some inane set-up question.

Still, Joe gets confused, often looking to the side, staring at
his aides/nurses for direction.

“I guess, are you calling on people or how am I — I don’t have a
list so you go ahead and call.”

Yes, it will be great TV when Biden takes the stage with Trump.

If Joe’s being given his answers to recite via an earpiece, the
Trump campaign will jam those transmissions. If Biden is allowed
a Teleprompter (doubtful), the president will sneak up behind
him and read Joe’s answer for him before Hidin’ Biden even
realizes what’s happening.

I’ll leave you with one of Joe’s longer perorations of the week,
as usual an attack on the incumbent. He began with a sneeze and
then let it rip:

“He promised his administration would enforce every last buy in
American provision on behalf of the American people and what
makes his wild claims and hopes, he now hopes we don’t notice
what he said or won’t remember and when he does follow through
or doesn’t do when follow through, the exact opposite.”

May we quote you on that, Mr. Vice President?;

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