REDEFINE : original item smaller than redefinition

From: pottmi (pottmi...)


I am porting some code to MicroFocus COBOL from Realia. Apparently
Realia will size a record according to the largest item in a series of
REDEFINES. Apparently MicroFocus sizes the record according to the
first item in a series of REDEFINES.

Because MicroFocus does such a good job of emulating other compilers I
suspect they have an option that will mirror the Realia behavior.

Does any one know of an option in MicroFocus that will turn on the
Realia behavior?

I have reviewed the MicroFocus documentation and have not found it.

I have turned on warnings and flagging messages so I will be able to
track them down and fix them in code if there is not option that will
do this for me.

One more note:
a) This is not homework.
b) I already know this is not ANSI behavior.


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