From: Dr. RemiX ([email protected])

Next to making music I like programming, that is why I've created a widget
playing streaming internet radio. To be more precise, playing versionist
I thought that that would be nice for both versionists and widgeteers.
This tiny application (180kB) runs on the Yahoo Widget Engine.

(The Yahoo Widget Engine is a free downloadable application like Dashboard
for MAC.
Tiny applications with the capabilities of retrieving up-to-date internet
information on your desktop, without starting your browser.)

Yes, they may take some resources, but since you are a music composer, you
should know by now, shut down your (inter)network before you start
composing, recording. (0r use a dedicated computer, an even better option)

The link below will take you to the widget gallery where the widget is

You'll need the Yahoo! Widget Engine!
(there are lots of other nice free widgets aswell)

You think it's all to complicated?
Don't want to pollute your machine?

Don't worry, just listen to versionist radio the way you used to...

Have Fun!
Dr. RemiX

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