Re: Send email from MVS cobol

From: Ubiquitous (weberm...)

[email protected] wrote:

>Have an interesting challenge. I have a requirement that dictates
>that email be sent from an MVS (z/OS) cobol program. In
>oversimplified terms, this means that I'd read a file that would
>contain email addresses and based on various criteria send email to
>any number of those addresses. I know how to send email from JCL, but
>require more precision than JCL can give me.
>Anyone ever try this?

Why yes, I do! In fact, I was about to ask an advanced question about sending

I have a JCL set up to email reports by merging the headers and body (report)
and copying it to a file with destination TCPSMTP. This creates an email
which contains a report, but I would like to be able to send a data file
as an email attachment. Has anyone else attempted this?


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Send email from MVS cobol... by Bill Gentry on Nov 30th 2007, 14:56