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On Friday, 11 June 1993 04:12:37 UTC+8, Rolf Kissel wrote:
> Actually there are a lot of Belgian jokes too...
> If you know any tell them.
> The Belgians are known to like chips VERY much...
> So, How can you make a Belgian go crazy?
> Lock him into a round tower and tell him there are
> chips in the corner.
> or.. Belgians are said to be quite hmm.. brainless...
> So, one day the Belgian king wrote a letter to the Grand-Duke
> of Luxemburg, complaining about the bad Belgian jokes in
> Luxemburg...
> The Grand-Duke who cared a lot for the diplomatic entente
> between Belgium and Luxemburg ordered to build a bridge,
> just without any reason over dry landscape to give the
> Belgians something to laugh about the Luxemburgers too to
> improve relationships.
> The Belgians laughed and laughed about the stupidity of the
> Luxemburgers. But after two years the Belgian king wrote
> to the Grand-Duke that now they had laughed enough and the
> bridge could be destroyed again.
> The Grand-Duke replied that he couldn't do such a terrible
> thing and remove the regular meeting place for the 20 Belgian
> fishers that met daily on that bridge.
> Well, if you know any better jokes, post them please! :-)
> Keywords:

Two Belgians walk on the street and they see something they do not recognize. Here is the conversation:
- Do you know what this is?
- I have no idea.
- Neither do I. How can we find out?
- Maybe we can taste it and see if we recognize it.
- OK.
One Belgian takes a sample with his finger and tastes it. The other does the same. The first one says:
- You know, I think it is dog poo.
- I think you are right. Let us taste again to be sure.
They taste again.
- Yes you are right. This is dog poo.
- Definitely. I am glad we found out.
- Yes. Good to know. And it is a good thing we did not step in it.

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