Re: Cannibal looking for human meat for food preparation!!!

From: Austin Raisty (austin...)

On Monday, December 31, 2007 at 1:33:38 AM UTC-6, Cannibal Cuisine wrote:
> I'm a cannibal and I'm looking for human meat, you
> don't need to be beautiful, you just need to be free
> of contagious diseases.
> Email me and tell me about your meat and when you
> qualify, I'll make some wonderful meals from your body!!!
> Email me!!!
I am 22, 5'11height ,174 pounds and disease free
I was wondering if there is any chef willing to cook me. I live in Jackson Mississippi. I wanted to be roasted whole and alive. spit roasted or oven roasted is preferable.

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Cannibal looking for human meat for food prepar...... by Cannibal Cuisine on Dec 31st 2007, 07:33