Online Real Estate Appointment-Setters

From: mary smith (sweet....)

Does anyone know of an online real estate appointment-setting service
or has anyone of you here tried live chat operators working as online
real estate appointment-setters? I'm thinking of getting this kind of
live chat service from with the hope of
increasing my website's conversion rate. I've had a lot of visitors in
the past few months but had no sales! I'm a complete noob when it
comes to e-commerce that's why I thought I should get help.

I've heard that live247support has 24/7 live chat operators (starting
from just 6 cents per minute) who work as real estate appointment-
setters. They organize viewings by sending text alerts to your
cellphone everytime they set up an appointment online through live

What do you think guys? Will live chat software or live chat
appointment-setting help my business?

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