CNN: Obama advisers believe Martha Coakley will lose...

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Sources: Obama advisers believe Coakley will lose
Posted: January 17th, 2010 04:22 PM ET

From CNN Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry

Washington (CNN) - Multiple advisers to President Obama have privately told
party officials that they believe Democrat Martha Coakley is going to lose
Tuesday's special election to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat held by the
late Ted Kennedy for more than 40 years, several Democratic sources told CNN

The sources added that the advisers are still hopeful that Obama's visit to
Massachusetts on Sunday - coupled with a late push by Democratic activists -
could help Coakley pull out a narrow victory in an increasingly tight race
against Republican state Sen. Scott Brown.

However, the presidential advisers have grown increasingly pessimistic in
the last three days about Coakley's chances after a series of missteps by
the candidate, sources said.

But White House spokesman Bill Burton told CNN: "The President is in
Massachusetts today because he believes Martha Coakley is the right person
for the job and indeed will be the next senator from Massachusetts."

It's now time for healing, and for fixing the damage the Democrats did
to America.

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