Community Discussion: Franklin Templeton access no longer working

From: John Pollard (8plus7...)

Franklin Templeton access no longer working

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It seems that most (all?) Quicken users (myself included) are currently unable to download from Franklin Templeton Investments using Direct Connect.

When I try to download to a Quicken account that is already activated for Direct Connect downloads, I get the following error:
"The account Franklin Templeton (nnn-nnnnnnnnn) is not authorized for this request. [OL-306] Additional information from Franklin Templeton Investments: Account Not Authorized."

[Sadly, Quicken has not yet seen fit to supply a Knowledge Base article for error OL-306.]

When I try to Activate a Quicken account for Direct Downloads, I get this error:
"Sorry. We encountered an error. (It's not your fault). Quicken is having trouble connecting to Franklin Templeton Investments".

Given that this error is very recent - and a good portion of the time it has been occurring has been during the recent weekend - I would not get overly excited at this point. And I would not try to second-guess Quicken when they ask users to "Report a problem".

It seems to me the problem is with Franklin Templeton; but at this time (unsurprisingly) they appear to have no awareness of it.

I called Franklin Templeton today (March 28, 2022) and filled them in on as many details as I could: the person I spoke with promised to call me back within 48 hours. If I learn anything useful, I will post it here.

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