Open Quicken 2006 file in new PC Error

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I have had Quicken 2006 for a long while and have a lot of data in it. My PC is acting up (running Windows 7) and I got a new one running Windows 10. I installed Quicken on new laptop, updated it, backed up the file from old PC to a flash drive.
I tested it by running the backup file and it asked it where I wanted to restore, restored it and resented with me password dialog, so looks like this process was OK.
Took the flash drive to new laptop and tried to open it and it keeps trying to validate it and fails. It did not do any validation on old laptop when I was testing the backup.
The error/information dialog says: "Quicken cannot validate this file. Choose File menu -> Restore Backup File to restore a previous version of data file."
So, next I tried to do just that: opened Quicken, with the options of opening the file, restoring the file and starting over, I chose restore, selected the backup file and it said "File restored successfully. Open the file by choosing Open from File menu".
This also results in the exact same validation failure error. However, this time when I click "OK" on the dialog box, it pops another one and says "Quicken cannot open the file because it is damaged. Choose File menu > Restore back up to ....".
I am afraid this old PC is going to kick the bucket any day and I will not be able to use Quicken in new laptop. I need help here.

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