Stifel Sell d/l posted but Buy did not - ideas?

From: G.Salisbury (salsbu...)

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"Windows Quicken Deluxe R39.23 Build

OSU Download Trx from Stifel this AM - OSU did not report any errors.
A Sell Trx posted.
A Buy Trx did not post.
The QFX.Log (in Help) seems to have lines for both the Sell Trx and the
Buy Trx but the buy was not posted to the Account.
The Buy lines in the QFX.Log have the CUSIP#, the Units and Price as on
the Stifel Site and Confirmation Document.

Any ideas on what further to look for as to why the Buy did not post to
the Register?
Geo. Salisbury
Long Valley, NJ"

While awaiting a Support response perhaps someone here might have an

The Quicken Help QFX.Log seems to have lines in it for both of the
Stifel Buy & Sell transactions but only the Sell was recorded in the
Register via OSU and no errors were reported.

Any ideas on why Quicken might have quietly done nothing>
Geo. Salisbury
L.V., NJ

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