Q Deluxe - Manage Bills and Income Reminders

From: Don & Jo Miller (donjom...)

Because of an issue with cancer, I am attempting to 'educate' my wife on understanding and inputting/using the Q budget database I created and have modified over the many years I have used Q. Since I have probably all our income and bills identified in Bills and Reminders, along with the dates I expect to receive deposit or bill, accounts to use, etc., I would like to print out bill and income reminders for the total year which include bill or deposit name/date expected/payment amount/method (payment or deposit)/account to use/how often (monthly, annually, quarterly etc) . Using manage bill and income reminders, each of the first 2 tabs (Monthly/All) give the columns I want but not all together. Hope this is clear.

What I want is to create one report for the year with all columns indicated earlier. My guess is that is not possible and she will have to live with switching between these tabs, But if someone has a suggested way to achieve what I'd like, please do so.

Don Miller

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