Community Discussion: Cannot Add Tax Item in Paychecks And Paychecks itemizations cleared

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Cannot Add Tax Item in Paychecks And Paychecks itemizations cleared

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The original poster is experiencing the same problem noted by quite a few other users in the Community: the Add Tax Item in the Quicken paycheck form is inoperable.

But the op is wrong when he says he " ... cannot update the checks to match the correct values until the Add Tax Item drop-down is fixed".

The problem is in the Quicken paycheck "form" (the paycheck "form" is basically just an overlay on a plain split transaction which makes the paycheck transaction easier to read and modify). It is not necessary to use the paycheck form to record paychecks. A plain split transaction can accomplish virtually everything that the paycheck form does (*) - and there is no problem adding tax items to Quicken paycheck transactions recorded without the paycheck form.

I believe that there is a fairly simple workaround for the paycheck form problem, until Quicken gets around to fixing the bug.

- Right-click an existing (probably the most "correct") paycheck transaction in its register.
- Choose "Memorize payee ..." (do NOT memorize the splits as "percentages")
- Open the Memorized Payee List
- Select the just memorized paycheck and click its Edit button
- Modify the memorized paycheck to be correct and save it

- Go to Tools > Manage Bill & Income Reminders
- Click Add in the Bill and Income Reminders menu row
- Choose "Scheduled Transaction Group"
- Give the Group a name (such as My Paycheck)
- Modify the appropriate fields to schedule the paycheck (Account, Due On, Frequency
- Click "Regular" just below "Choose Transactions"
- In the list below, check the box in the row of your just created memorized paycheck
- Click Save

The user should then see a Reminder in the tab below the account where the paycheck is to be deposited - on the frequency/due-on-date selected for the Scheduled Transaction Group above.

[The original scheduled paycheck transaction should not be used until Quicken fixes the Add Tax Item bug. When that bug is fixed, the Scheduled Transaction Group for the temporary paycheck can be deleted.]

To deal with paycheck transactions already entered in their account register that need to have Tax Items added:
- Select the paycheck transaction
- Hold down CTRL+SHIFT while left-clicking the "open split" icon to the right of the Balance column
- The plain split transaction dialog will appear and the split transaction can be modified as desired - don't forget to click the Adjust button if the changes alter the net amount of the paycheck
- Click the Enter button

The transaction will become a plain split transaction (it will no longer be controlled by the paycheck Form).

The op also complains that he has to re-enter some of his paycheck transactions because the paycheck form is not showing amounts. That is a different problem (though also a Quicken paycheck "Form" problem), but it's not new. In my experience it is not necessary to attempt to edit existing paycheck transactions just to make the amounts visible in the paycheck form: the actual amounts are still there in the paycheck transaction - they're only invisible when viewing the paycheck form.

And as the op notes: hovering on the text "-Paycheck-" in the Category or Tag column will display all the paycheck split lines. Using the key sequence noted above (holding down CTRL+SHIFT while opening the split paycheck) will also display all the split lines with their categories, tags and amounts. Further, when those paycheck transactions appear in reports, their split lines will appear normally - just as if there was nothing wrong with the paycheck form.

I would wait until Quicken fixes the paycheck form to see whether that restores the seemingly missing paycheck info. If not, I would try using "Cut transaction(s)"/"Paste transaction(s)" for the faulty paycheck transactions to see if that restores the seemingly missing paycheck info.

[ (*) Using a plain split transaction for paychecks that include 401k contributions, may not update the special hidden Quicken account, "Tax Impact of 401(k) Accounts"; which, as its name implies, helps track the tax impact of 401k contributions in Quicken tax reports.]

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