getting rid of Discover's zero-transactions

From: Bernie Cosell (bernie...)

I still don't understand why Discover makes a zero-dollar transaction with
almost every charge, but it does. I generally try to delete them
one-by-one when I do download transactions. It's a nuisance and sometimes
I miss a few and once or twice I was so in the "groove" of deleting the
transactions I cleverly deleted a *real* transaction.

A while back some suggested not to worry about it -- that there was some
way to easily find [and then delete] all of those buggers. I *thought* it
involved sorting the discover account by amount, but that didn't work: in
one direction the top of the list was every payment I've made and sorted
the other way the top of the list was every charge I've made. Remind of
the clever way to isolate those zero-amount transactions. Thanks!

Bernie Cosell Fantasy Farm Fibers
[email protected] Pearisburg, VA
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