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category entries not showing up in reports

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I think there may be a Quicken problem: I was able to reproduce the original poster's issue ... once - though after I did more testing, I was no longer able to reproduce the exact problem.

For my tests, I created the same parent/child categories that the original poster used.

The Spending by Category report appears to be somewhat inconsistent in its treatment of transactions recorded to parent categories.

In one of my tests, I recorded two transactions to the parent category "Education"; with one transaction recorded in a 529 account and the other transaction in a checking account.
[I also recorded other transactions - for Education:College, Education:College:Daughter and Education:College:Son.]

I selected All accounts in my Spending by Transaction report.

When I selected only "Education" and all its child categories in the report: The "Education" transaction from the 529 account was included in the "Education" row in the Spending report. But the "Education" transaction from the checking account was included in the "Other Education" row in the Spending report (which is what Quicken usually does in reports when a transaction is recorded to a parent category ... so the amount shown in the parent category will be an accurate total of the subcategories of that parent).

When drilling down on either "Education" or "Other Education" both transactions were displayed - further evidence of a problem.

Both the 529 account "Education" transaction and the checking account "Education" transaction should have totaled in the same category (row) in the report: namely, "Other Education".

[When I selected All categories in the report: I got the same results (for the parent category, Education, and its child categories).]

An associated problem is that when any transactions are recorded to a parent category, the Spending by Category report seems to be justifying those parent categories and child categories the same - there is no indentation for child categories (normally, child categories are indented). So my report had the following rows: all left-justfied, inline:

Other Education:College
Other Education

[When a Spending by Category parent category amount has transactions recorded to that parent category, the amount will not be the total for its child categories ... and that amount will be clickable; when the parent category contains only the subtotal of its children, it will not be clickable.]

Since I could not consistently reproduce the original problem, I can't say what all is involved.

But I would start by looking for transactions recorded to any of the "parent" categories (in this specific case; Education, or Education:College). In reports, Quicken wants to use the parent category to hold the subtotal of its "child" categories (the subtotal of its "subcategories"). Once a user has decided to use subcategories with a specific parent category, all transactions that belong to the parent should be recorded to a child category. If no appropriate child category exists, one should be created.

To clear up another claimed issue from the original post in the discussion:

The original poster says, "When I look at the 529 entries the category is blank unless I click the entry and then it shows up."

The op does not say what was displayed when that observation was made, but the above behavior is exactly what one will see when looking at the investment account "Transaction List" (the investment account equivalent of a non-investment account "register").

When viewing the investment Transaction List, the contents of an investment transaction Category field are not displayed unless the transaction is selected. I know of no problem associated with this behavior.

Q2010 exhibits the same behavior.

[Tested in Q2020 R36.45]

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