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On 11/30/2021 7:26 PM, John Pollard wrote:
> On Friday, November 26, 2021 at 3:02:39 AM UTC-6, scott s. wrote:
>> What would be nice is a way to subtotal the entire sked E (also C) by
>> activity, without having to first filter the tags. That way the tax
>> schedule report would track what's on the sked C/E in a return (which
>> generate a net income/loss on a per activity basis).
> I can't see this ever happening. Not only because it doesn't really make any sense (see below), but because Schedule E (and Schedule C) tax filers are a tiny percentage of Quicken users - while the Tax Schedule report is used by many more Quicken users who do not file Schedule C or Schedule E. I don't think your desire will make economic sense to Quicken.
> If you have multiple rental properties (or multiple businesses) in the same Quicken file: when you file Schedule E (or Schedule C), you must file a separate Schedule E (or Schedule C) for each property (or business).
> The only way to get those "separate" reports in Quicken is to run multiple Schedule E/Schedule C reports (one for each property or business), choosing the appropriate single Tag for each report.
> You can run a Quicken Banking > Transaction report that includes all (and only) the transactions of interest (making sure to have the "Tax Item" column displayed). Sort and subtotal the Banking > Transaction report on whatever columns are helpful. Then export the report to Excel and complete any sorting/subtotaling there.
> [Even using only Quicken, that Banking > Transaction report may help to verify that the data needed for the Tax reports is present and correctly categorized, tagged, and has the correct tax line item assigned.]

In 30 years of using Quicken, I have never run a tax schedule report. I
have created income and expense reports for each taxable activity and
use those. Sometimes trying to use a software program's clever help is
too much effort and leaves you vulnerable to misunderstandings on their
part and your own part. Better to just actually, you know - THINK!

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