Express Web Connect VISA Credit Union account register does not show DOWNLOAD TRANSACTIONS field at bottom of the register

From: Andrew (andrew...)

At the bottom of the register, on other credit card accounts (like
MACYS), there's a line indicating DOWNLOADED TRANSACTIONS (0) BILL AND
INCOME REMINDERS (0) but NOT in the newly added Credit Union register.

Everything in the ACCOUNTS List looks ok, account is enabled for
downloaded transactions. It's "Setup for transaction download". I've
tried to 'RESET' this account, and then disconnected and reconnected ALL
of the CU accounts, but still can't get past this issue.

I is this a register setting I just don't see? I am also having some
issues downloading some, but not all, of the transactions that have
cleared my account. When d/l transaction occur, there's a GREEN (or is
it RED) dot next to the account, not the usual checkmark. Hovering over
that tells me there are transaction to accept.

Regards -

- Andrew

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