Reconciling investment accounts (again...sorry!)

From: Al (algarc...)

I brought up this topic ages ago, but probably didn't express myself correctly nor sufficiently coherently, as no satisfactory answer was forthcoming.

Quicken calculates for investment accounts, on the fly so to speak, three sums which are reported in the lower right hand corner below the transaction register for such accounts. One of these sums is "Cash Balance:"

Well, my eyesight is shot for the most part, and when bringing up the reconcile window for investment accounts, I have to squint and look hard at that lower right corner of the screen to see the cash balance that is required to be entered in the reconcile window. Menu option "View > Use Large Fonts" helps a little, but distorts (for me) he rest of the screen.

As Quicken calculates and reports said cash balance, why can't it incorporate that figure in the reconcile window, so that reconciliation becomes as automatic as that for banking accounts, such as credit cards and the like?

I hope I have been clear in the posing of the situation and query.


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