Social Security Payment recording query?

From: Andrew (andrew...)

So the wife is going to start receiving her Social Security soon. I note
that they state they ROUND DOWN to the nearest dollar after deducting
the required medicare payment that is taken from her upcoming payments.
So the bottom line deposit will not be simply the benefit received
minus the medicare deduction.

I'm curious as to how people account for this. I am presuming I create
a split using an INCOME CATEGORY for the Social Security, then a
negative line to account for the deduction of the Medicare payment, but
then how does/should one account for the 'round off' to the lower full
dollar amount?

I am thinking of simply assigned a 'MISC EXPENSE' category for it, but
that bothers me in the sense I never actually received the full payment
to start with, and I wonder how that will ultimate relate to any reports
of payments received from Social Security to match up with Q reports?

So how to people do this to match with reality? Just me being anal
retentive again.
Regards -

- Andrew

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