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Pending Transaction to be sent error

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I see no Quicken error - nothing preventing the scheduling of repeating online bill payments.

The original poster says, "I tried creating a recurring bill pay in Quicken; however, the recurring transaction was not created in my bank."

What you create in Quicken is a "repeating [online billpay] instruction". That "instruction" does nothing until it is sent to the financial institution (sent to the online billpayer). Then the billpayer will generate repeating billpay "transactions" according to the billpay "instruction" sent from Quicken.

There are several ways to Send an online billpay instruction for repeating online payments to the billpayer:
1.) Go to the Repeating Online tab at Tools > Manage Bill & Income Reminders; select the repeating online billpay instruction and click its "Pay" button.
2.) In the Quicken account from which the payment will be made, click the small Account Actions gear-wheel icon in the upper right, then click "Update Now".
3.) Go to the Online Center. On the "Payments" tab for the account from which the bill payment will be made, click the "Update/Send" button. [Note: the repeating billpay instruction will not be visible, but that should not matter.]
4.) Do a One Step Update.

When the repeating billpay instruction has been Sent, the Repeating Online tab in the Bill and Income Reminders List should display "Repeat" in the Method column for that instruction. That billpay instruction should then be visible at the billpayer's web site.

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