Re-arranging split transactions

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Once again I am totally stumped which I readily admit is not too hard. So, I thought I would check in with the experts.

Windows 10 Home
Version 21H1
OS Build 19043.1165

Quicken Premier
Version R35.23

When entering Split Transactions for a specific memorized vendor, for some unexplained reason the order of some of the memorized split lines has changed. As an example:

Line 1 - Groceries
Line 2 - Tax:Sales
Line 3 - Auto:Fuel

has changed to:
Line 1 - Tax:Sales
Line 2 - Auto:Fuel
Line 3 - Groceries

Search as I may, I can not find an answer as to re-ordering the lines back to my original. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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