Version R35.23 (Aug, 2021)

From: Arthur Conan Doyle ([email protected])

Version R35.23 (Aug, 2021)
What's new
· A new dashboard is available with new snapshots including Top Spending
Categories, Top Payees, Uncategorized Transactions, Recent Transactions,
Investment Top Movers and Portfolio Value. This dashboard will be the default
for new customers.
· Added a Don't update memo when downloading option for customers who do
not want their memos overwritten. The option is available under Account Details
? Online Services.
· Added the menu option to Pay with Bill Manager for customers using
Quicken Deluxe and Quicken Starter. Choosing this option will give you the
opportunity to purchase Bill Manager as an add-on or to upgrade to Quicken
Premier to meet your bill payment needs.
· For investment customers, the graph on the Security Detail View now
optionally includes indicators for when the number of shares of the security
increased or decreased.

· You can now change the account types for IRA accounts. This is intended
to address scenarios where the account was initially set up with the wrong type.
· For Quick Pay and Check Pay customers, the last payment account used
will be remembered and set as the default for a biller.
· You can now see which bills have been set up with auto-pay on your
biller websites by checking the Current Bill column on the Bills dashboard.
· Bill Manager customers can more easily bring up their recent payments
when using the Biller Name filter.
· Check Pay customers will now be able to see what the check will look
like before sending it.
· For the Portfolio Value & Cost Basis, and Net Worth reports, there is
now a ‘Day’ option for the interval.
· Added a keyboard shortcut ALT+O to use for Done in the Reconcile Summary

What's fixed
· An issue in which synchronization after several months of inactivity
caused the Paycheck Reminder total to become zero.
· An issue in which the Schedule B report was sometimes improperly
reporting dividend and interest income for split transactions.
· Automatic downloading was alerting customers to new transactions when
there were no new transactions.
· An issue in which Year-End Archive was disconnecting the accounts for
the current file instead of the archived file

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