Community Discussion: How to stop transfers from being treated as Income & Expense

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How to stop transfers from being treated as Income & Expense

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The original poster does not appear to understand that EVERY Quicken transfer amount is either income or expense.

In some reports/graphs, transfers are displayed separately from non-transfers ... but the transfer amounts are still treated as either income or expense - thus altering the net amount of the report.

In some reports/graphs, transfers can be eliminated completely, preventing them from affecting the net amount of the report/graph. The option to exclude transfers is found on the Advanced tab of report Customization dialogs. The Advanced tab is typically not found on graph-only displays.

But the user can still remove transfers from any display that provides Customization that includes the Categories tab.

With the Categories tab open (and, in the newer Q versions, with "Include only transactions with selected categories" selected): scroll down to the last group of individual "categories" (those categories whose "Type" is displayed in blue - those are "transfer categories"); de-select all those "transfer categories" (one-by-one) to eliminate all transfers from the report/graph.

[NOTE: I think this is one more good reason for Quicken to provide choices on the left side of the report Customize Categories tab to choose "All", "Income", "Expense" and "Transfer" categories. Just as the Customize Accounts tab provides choices of "All", "Banking", "Investing", and "Property and Debt" accounts (and "Business" and "Rental Property" accounts in the Business/Rental Property version of Quicken). The user could then choose to display only Transfer categories, then click "Clear All", instead of having to manually uncheck every transfer category.]

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