Community discussion: Can't set up Schwab accounts for download

From: John Pollard (8plus7...)

Can't set up Schwab accounts for download

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Caveat: The above Community discussion is about the Mac version of Quicken, which I have never used.

The original poster in this discussion is apparently too lazy to even make an attempt to complete the process to activate an account for downloading, preferring instead to whine about being unable to setup the account for downloading.

While there is insufficient evidence supplied by the user to provide a thorough analysis of the problem, I'll venture to say the original poster made virtually no attempt to overcome his, assumed, problem.

In addition to his apparent laziness, the op also failed to supply the release of the Quicken software he is using.

But the alleged problem expressed by the original poster appears to be the same situation faced by users of the Windows version of Quicken. When I try to setup a Schwab investment account in Quicken for Windows R34.24, I am also presented with a dialog that asks for my Schwab investment account "PIN". While it is true that my Schwab account (just like the op's Schwab account) does NOT have a "pin"; I am, nevertheless successful in setting up a Schwab investment account for download by entering my Schwab PASSWORD in the Quicken dialog box which says "Schwab PIN".

While it is certainly possible that the Quicken Mac version would fail to activate an account for downloading under the exact same conditions that the Quicken Windows version would succeed in activating the same account; there is absolutely no excuse for a user throwing up their hands in despair as the original poster in the Community discussion did.

When, as the op claimed, the financial institution does not give the user a PIN; but Quicken asks the user for a PIN, there is NOTHING lost in keying the account password in the PIN field. If that does not succeed in getting the account activated for downloading ... THAT IS THE TIME to complain.

[It should also be noted that it is the responsibility of the financial institution to tell Quicken the correct name of each credential required to activate downloads for any specific "Connection Method" (virtually ALL investment account downloads require the Direct Connect "Connection method" for downloading - the credentials for logging on to the financial institution web site are NOT necessarily the same credentials used by "Direct Connect" and "Express Web Connect"). It is certainly possible that the financial institution told Quicken the correct names for the logon credentials, and that Quicken incorrectly implemented the names for those credentials: but the opposite is also possible. When the logon credential field names presented by Quicken are incorrect - when the field intended for the user to enter the account "password" is labelled "PIN" by Quicken, for example - the user should contact Quicken Support. But the user should continue to enter the "password" in that field - regardless of the label of the field.]

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