Police searching for Walmart customer who released vial of bed bugs in store

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Aww. He forgot his pets.

Pennsylvania State Police are in search of a suspect who
allegedly released bedbugs in a Walmart changing room in
Washington Township, according to NBC News.

A manager told police the insects were left in a closed pill
bottle in a jacket that was for sale at the store, according to
the outlet. Staff disposed of the bottle without contacting
authorities and an employee from health safety company Ecolab
found insects later identified as bed bugs in a menís fitting
room, according to NBC.

A store associate later found a second closed pill bottle
containing dead bugs, prompting the store to call the police,
according to the network.

Police said a trooper who responded to the call collected the
bottle for fingerprinting and that the storeís loss prevention
staff are reviewing surveillance footage. The store reached out
to other Walmarts in the area and confirmed no similar incidents
in the area, according to NBC.


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