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On Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 11:07:17 PM UTC-4, Jay McBurney wrote:
> I need some help identifying some animal droppings that I have been
> finding in my utility room. At first I thought I had rats, so I put
> out traps and some poison a couple weeks ago. There is no evidence
> that the animal has any interest in any of the items.
> The turds I have been finding are about 1" long, brown, and oblong.
> They are about the shape of a hot dog. Each turd has a white clump of
> something at the end. It looks like a mineral deposit of some kind,
> and it is always at the end of the turd, never in the middle. The
> consistency of the brown part is very fibrous. I only find one in
> each place; never in a pile.
> Does anybody know what type of animal could be doing this? I live
> right outside of Atlanta, if that is any help.
> Thanks,
> Jay

I have the same turds. We have camera set up with motion detectors in barn/garage....turds frustrating. Now, find them outside our deck...grrr. Live in Michigan...can't be a lizard or snake that big.

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