Black History Month Menu Of Fried Chicken Prompts Apology From School Superintendent

From: Ronny Koch ([email protected])

It's time to start killing liberals. This shit has gone too far.

HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP, NJ — A high school in New Jersey is
apologizing for a school lunch menu that served fried chicken in
celebration of Black History Month.

Hopewell Valley Central High School’s Black History Month menu
also included sweet potato casserole, sauteed spinach, macaroni
and cheese and cornbread.

Superintendent Thomas A. Smith apologized to parents in the
district, recognizing that the menu choice “reinforces racial
stereotypes and is not consistent with our district mission and
efforts to improve cultural competency among our students and
staff," according to

It wasn’t clear where the initial complaint about the menu

The school district’s food vendor, Pomptonian, has apologized to
the district for the menu.

“The director at this location never intended to do anything
that would offend anyone and deeply regrets the decision and
understands that it could have been taken out of context,” the
director said, according to NJ 101.5.

Forty-eight of the school’s 1,249 students are African American,
and nearly 82 percent of the student population is white,
according to the reports.

“Soul food” traditionally refers to food traditionally prepared
and eaten by African Americans in the south, and was first
prepared during the slavery era.

James Beard Award-winning novelist Adrian Miller once made a
clear distinction between “Soul Food” and “Southern Food” by
saying soul food is more flavorful and rich. Many dishes were
becoming more vegan-based, he told during a 2014

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