Now, surely it can't be true? Can it?

From: CoolAsLife (dannyf...)

Dear Santa, I would like an iPod for Christmas.....
ain't gonna happen is it?..... but then again.... maybe it is....

Go and check it out for yourself -

All you have to do is sign up, take out an offer (approx £10) and
then refer 5 other people. As soon as they all take out an offer too,
you'll have completed all the requirements to get a free iPod! How
cool is that? And it's Simple eh?

What are the offers? Well - Egg, Virgin, eBay, Screen Select have
all sponsored the site. Can't get more legit than that!

When I first looked at this, I thought this was a rip off and just
another internet scam. And believe me, I'm very sceptical and I've
seen a lot of scams. I've trawled through the small print, done the
research and asked around - this company looks like a truly genuine
offer.....for once!! I found it on a competition website.

A word of advise - Please do read the terms and conditions of the
offers. The 2 DVDs for a tenner offer, has a clause in the terms that
states that you have you purchase further items. Make sure you choose
an offer that has a low single fee (around £10) with no repeat payments.

Don't want an iPod?....well you either have one already, or you're mad!
Ok, Why not a digital camera? There's a link on the same site. I haven't
signed up for it yet. So if anyone is thinking of joining or as already
joined, then send me an email with you referral link, and I'll use it to
sign myself up. I'd prefer to let someone get a referral credit out of
it, rather than starting a fresh one!

As you may have worked out, I'm a little enthused and excited about it....
But don't take my word for it. Look into it yourself! -


CoolAsLife :-)

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