Low cost start-up. (spend as little as possible)

From: R&M Interprise (Bonham...)

Start with $7 -- Cost goes to Zero -- Earn $1000s

Would you like to make a monthly residual income?

We will help you.
This is a long term committed group.

Read what we are about!

What is the $7 Plan and what does it do?
The $7 Plan is a way to leverage $7 for a few
months into a great opportunity. This opportunity
would normally cost $30 per month every month.
Through our plan it will cost you ZERO per month!

Our Goals:

Low cost start-up. (spend as little as possible)
Break even very fast. (quickly stop spending your money)
Bring your cost of membership of a great money making plan
down to ZERO per month.
Provide you with a website just like this one at no extra


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