Danger in slow cooking of meat

From: Angelo Tulumello (tuluma...)


The following is my experience in the "slow cooking" (8 hours) of perhaps
imported lamb shank

The lam shank was placed in water in a slow cooker with a variety of
vegetables for about 8 hours. My wife and I both ate it and only she got
sick.I assumed that there was a contaminant on the surface. A second lamb
shank was prepared and this time boiled briefly before slow cooking to kill
any surface pathogens. The result was the same. She got very sick.

It occurs to me that slow cooking may stimulate the formation of toxins
during the prolonged exposure to moist warmth early in the cooking cycle,
when bacteria have food, warmth an considerable growth potential.

There should be a body of literature on this. I can't find any. Does anyone
have any thoughts on the matter. I would appreciate a competant reference to
understand this experience.

Angelo Tulumello

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