Problems handling spaces in filenames

From: Philipp Klaus Krause ([email protected])

I rarely write bash scripts, so I am not surprised I ran into trouble
with spaces in filenames in one:

for i in `seq $2 $3`; do
pdflist="${pdflist} \"$base.pdf\""
tesseract "$image" "$base" -l deu pdf;
pdfjoin $pdflist && rm $pdflist
mv "$1"-"$3"-joined.pdf "$1".pdf

I wrote and use this script to convert JPEG images (names e.g.
test-1.jpeg, test-2-jpeg, etc) to searchable pdf (names test.pdf).
However, the

pdfjoin $pdflist

isn't working when $1 contains spaces. Apparently the quotes are
disappearing somewhere along the way.


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