From: Casey Esquire (rvpcas...)

Hey so how was your Holiday? Mine was AOK. I was home. I worked Wednesday
from 9PM to 6AM than worked again from 10PM to 10AM before Thanksgiving
Holiday or Thanksgiving Day. Can you believe it? It was a long night. I
work Security and I am a merchandiser or in the merchant business, for I put
my page up at and there you will see I have
gift cards. I'm actually home today. You can reach me here and via email.

What did you cook on Thanksgiving? I have barbeque chicken, corn, dessert.
It was not that bad. My real dessert was Goobers. What books do you read?
Have you seen American Gangster? I read self-help books mostly.

Do you have a side business? How you like this site? My side business is
of course site. I plan to expand in the Detroit area.
What you do for fun? I usually read, write stories, surf the internet, and
listen to house music on AIM radio. I chat on AIM, MIM and YIM. Mostly YIM
under the name quiestorm_46227 for you can add me there. Write soon, Casey.

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