Italian Moffia In Control Of Northumberland, PA Goverment! The Moffia Is BACK!!!

From: Older Worker Of Northumberl... (dspeil...)

USA NEWS! Just in!

Northumberland, PA Local County Goverment

The Old Moffie Regeme is back! Thru efforts of the new Italian Moffia
County Commissionier Vinnie Clausi,

Northumberland County, Pennsylvania is going to open up the old Coal Moffia
consisting of the

Clausi, Rumberger, Rosini, and Rovito families.

Thru joint efforts of these families, the Northumberland County will be in
strict and full control by the

Italian Moffia. A new Program Initiated by Commissionier Clausi called the
Futures Program is being

funded monies funneled Senior Belfonti and Representative Chris Carney, both
belonging to the Italian Moffia.

Northumberland County is now !!! 100% Moffia!!! Way to go voters! The
old, stupid, and easily controlled

elderly have been a true helper of the Moffia.

Way To Go!!!

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