Re: Danger Imminent

From: Weatherlawyer (weathe...)

Sorry about that I was in column 11 of
When I woke up. Having got used to the USGS, not realising the swiss pedantry is blind to irrelevance I was shocked to realis thatnothing had occurred since ......good grief.

Well It's nice to realise I was wrong when it means I am a nice guy after all. However may I draw you attention to this ongoing eruption sequence:
I am sure you may find it interesting as it shows the evolution of a rather large eruption that occurs on wedneday afternoon 23rd February 2022 with a susequen warning in big red letters that it is ove on the 24th.

Don't pretend that you have no idea what I am talking about. I don't want you to spoil the thread with lies.

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Danger Imminent... by Weatherlawyer on Feb 20th, 06:37