Earthquake Swarms

From: Weatherlawyer (weathe...)

Don't miss these dates for earthquake swarms:
The actually start about 12 hours earlier but to quote the master potato:
"It depends who does the counting".
They look suspiciously like they are occurring in the same place but of course the meteorologists among you know that can't happen and why.
Maybe god can tell you? You only have to ask, apparently.
Interesting juxtapositioning with anticyclones but that only applies to tornadoes.

The phrase: As in heaven so upon earth occurs to me. Pity, or do I mean good job the anticyclones are a little low. Not that I know it will stop them. Not yet proof they are man made despite the extra-ordinary time of year for them.

One more but note the dotted line
As always I intend to reproduce the text on Gab with images: gab/NortonIceman

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