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> As with geo-phenomena the simplest explanation is generally the most likely. Consider the coincident of:
2021-12-29th. at 18:25 7.3M. KEPULAUAN BARAT DAYA, INDONESIA (7.53S. 127.57E.)
Nobody knows the cause of such earthquakes but Venus starts to intervene with Earth and Mercury at about that time.

They will be in alignment about now, midnight New year. Graphic missing for which see; Gab.com/NortonIceman
How soon with they be out of alignment and what do you suppose will be the effect?
It doesn't get out of alignment for a few days but when Venus again become tangential the result should be a larger earthquake than the Indonesian one.

It should happen before the 18th but I am using a very crude Orery and I have no idea what the man made weather is having on it all.
The tornadoes are next and then the larger quake but I think they will switch off their machines before then and thus the anomaly reverses to produce a 6.5M. about the 7th January.

If anyone is living in the same place the mess happened the last two times Start Praying Right Now

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