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Despite the fact they know less than god they never can be wrong. I am thinking of the sad idiots that imagined they could never decypher the heavens.

Yes they are a long way from home but satellites of the sun still weigh billions of tons and depight the fact they hang weightless in freefall, that fact does not cover over the rest of the centre of the solar system.

How much does the moon weigh?
73.5 million metric tons
How many years did Adam stare at it wondering what it meant?
All day (= nearly 1000 years.)
Do you ever think of things like that?
Why not!

Because it circles the earth the moon is throwing its weight around the earth. One day over spain another over South America. All 73.5 Million Tonnes of it.

How devoid of introspection do you have to be to avoid conclusions about it?

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