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On Saturday, 21 January 2006 at 05:30:08 UTC, Susan wrote:
> John Krempasky wrote:
> > Upon close examination his claims of predicting Loma Prieta are essentially
> > a crock.
> >
> > And he demonstrates no particular skill in predicting quakes of any kind. He
> > has a 1/4th chance of predicting basically any remotely noticeable quake in
> > California with his monthly week-long windows. His sets of monthly
> > predictions are set up to produce a 100% chance of a hit for at least one of
> > them somewhere in the world.
> >
> > I could care less what kind of person he is. His forecasts are of no value
> > and he is misleading the public.
> >
> > It's truly disturbing that the critical thinking skills of the public are so
> > poor this guy has an enormous, clueless, almost cult-like fan base.
> A quote on would-be earthquake predictors: "A few such persons are
> mentally unbalanced; but most of them are sane - at least in the
> clinical or legal sense, since they are not dangerous, and are not
> running around with bombs or guns. What ails them is exaggerated ego
> plus imperfect or ineffective education, so that they have not absorbed
> one of the fundamental rules of science - self-criticism. Their wish
> for attention distorts their perception of facts, and sometimes leads
> them on into actual lying."
> This was Charles Richter, speaking 30 years ago in the wake of the
> Palmdale Bulge debacle. (Everyone knows the "fools and charlatans"
> quote, but this one, from a private memo, is my personal favorite.)
> It is amazing--truly uncanny, not to mention depressing--how much his
> words from 30+ years ago still rings true to the modern ear.
> Susan

Sadly for them they had no internet with which to work, this may explain why there are no posters here now except for this one, who does not need the internet except to publish his findings since he does not know how to write a scientific paper. Here is his latest offering:

Thank you.
Allow me to return the favour: the present forecast from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. It shows sea level pressure all round Earth.
The dark isobars depict low pressure (high energy winds) that will eat high pressure, relatively warm winds. Counter intuitive I know.

When they mix they expand and become a danger to all concerned. They are relatively save at sea. When they blow ashore they tend to separate rapidly. Possibly even explosively.

These charts comprise a series of 25 charts issued daily that show how the mixing occurs at the Bahrents Sea and the isthmus of Antarctica and the tip of South America. These are the main junctions that whistle up the dangerous winds, that cause earthquakes.

At the moment the fake weather is concentrating on the barrier of the roaring 40's. This causes earthquakes to develop at the Falklands and South Sandwich Islands.

This is a system designed to keep the earth fertile and reproductive in minerals as well as fish-food. Earthquakes there Cause the ocean currents to reroute. The same engineering takes place at the tip of Africa and Australia.. (In the Northern Hemisphere the design is inverted.)

This was in reply to a Gab post about the scamdemic:
Kenan @SonOfEnos

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